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Lakeland We always attempt to manage the Estate with benefits to wildlife in mind. The background activity of constantly looking after our habitat is of vital importance to sustain wildlife populations across the Estate. We particularly address the flora and, wherever possible, encourage wetland restoration, with the aim of diversifying the habitat as much as possible. Over recent years we have planted over many miles of hedgerow, and this has seen a wonderful explosion in wildlife and wildlife corridors across the farmland where they have become well established.

We are also planting areas as food and cover crops for game and other wildlife. We have a rolling programme of wetland restoration. In particular two main ponds within the park which had become silted up have now been opened up once more, and three areas of marsh scrubland have been created at Stockton.

We always try and involve ourselves in Special Projects and the two most successful to date have been the Red Kite project, in conjuction with English Nature, Yorkshire Water and the RSPB, and our very own Barn Owl project, which has successfully led to barn owls coming back to the Estate after many years of absence.

Linked to Conservation are our Nature Walk Programmes, which we tend to operate in the Spring. Please see Latest News for details of these. We try to do some 'private' off the beaten track walks, so that limited numbers of people can see the kind of work that we are doing behind the scenes and also benefit from perhaps glimpsing Red Kites, Barn Owls and the large numbers of deer that we now have on the Estate.